Why Consider Web Presenters?

web presenters girl avatar A proven ranking factor with Google is the bounce rate of a visitor on a website. When someone comes to your website and leaves after a short time, that is considered a bounce from your website.

If you have 1 person do this it’s not that bad, but if you have 1,000 or more then you have a real problem. Web Presenters lowers the bounce rate by providing an engaging video animated tour guide. A tour guide that also markets your products to your visitors as they browse the website.

Consider this! People coming to your website may not know where to look for the best deals and offers. When a visitor arrives at your site and clicks a bunch of buttons, are they lost? Do they know where the checkout is? By using Web Presenters to showcase your best offers, you can guide them with your video website actor. 

Got a special promotional deal you can offer? Even better add that into the video avatar and when prompted, the deal will be shown to your visitors. Increase sales conversions by using this latest technology website tour guide.

Using Web Presenters for e-commerce websites is a no-brainer. Provide the avatar with your product discount deal of the week, and they will promote this discount offer all the time. Each time a visitor lands on your website, they see the suggested offers from the video presenter.

Key Benefits for Using Web Presenters

  • Preforms on all browser types and mobile devices
  • Increase your website's conversion rates
  • Cloud based app easy to use and set up
  • Engage your audience
  • Increase your website's organic search by keeping Google happy

What are the biggest problems with traditional sales offers?

  • You have the perfect sales offer but you just don’t get the conversions you expected.
  • Your website is not holding your audiences' attention long enough to showcase your sales offers.
  • I spoke to my audience and they said they couldn't find my product on my website

How can you solve this?

With Web Presenters, you will be guiding your visitors to the best converting product page. You will be telling them about the best sales offer on your website right when they land on your page.

Using the live video actor, you can send your visitors where you want them in a new unique way unlike anything your visitors have ever seen. People relate better when interacting with…well other people!

With Web Presenters, sales will increase and audience engagement will improve.

How can we offer this software at such a reasonable price?

We actually have a lot of infrastructure to run – the hosting of all the video, continuous development, and testing of the software. We are offering this price for a limited time only! Once this sale is over, we have every plan to introduce a per website fee for using the software.

We won’t be keeping it at this price point beyond our introductory pricing period. So, be one of the first to harness this new software for your business.

Get in early and avoid the change in fee structure!

webpresenters avatars

What's in it for you

Think about this for a second. Your avatar on your own website in your company uniform – the value this would add to your brand, just from being in your own uniform.

You have the option to record your own custom videos and use them on your websites. If you were to use an agency to create a professional video, you would be looking at, at least $500.00. That’s just the minimum.

You can create unlimited videos and split test the videos that convert best. By all means, you can make unlimited edits to your videos and avatars. No limit on times to edit and adjust the message. You have complete total control.

With Web Presenters, you’ll be able to engage more visitors, convert more sales and retain more customers. Waste no time today by clicking the button below. Get started with this revolutionary technology and stay far ahead of your competitors.